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Single Serve Pods and K-Cups

Single serve options are ideal for smaller offices.
Our automatic reordering and inventory management takes the pressure off so you can enjoy premium coffee without the hassle.

Explore your single serve options below...

Try Cool Beans K-Cups and Pods

Pod Brewers

MCP Pourover 3 pod boxes per month minimum, MCP automatic 8 pod boxes per month minimum

    MCP Pourover and Automatic

  • Ideal for small offices with up to 15 employees
  • Pairs perfectly with Cool Beans Pods and breakroom accessories

    AP Auto Pod

  • AP Auto Pod (right) ideal for offices with up to 30 employees
  • Automatically clears the pod chamber and brews a perfect cup, every time

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AP Auto Pod 15 boxes per month minimum

Keurig Brewers

Keurig B140 - 3 K-Cup boxes minimum per month

    Keurig B140

  • Ideal for small offices with up to 15 employees
Keurig B150 - 12 K-Cup boxes minimum per month

    Keurig B150

  • Ideal for offices with up to 30 employees

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Keurig B3000SE - 25 K-Cup boxes minimum per month

    Keurig B3000SE

  • Ideal for offices with 30 or more employees

High Volume Frac Pack Brewing Options

Frac packs are pre-measured packages of ground coffee, so there's no need to measure. The following brewers are available for use with frac packs.

Glass Carafe and Glass Pot

  • These are decanter brewers that have been the standard for years. These brewers offer warming plates that keep the coffee hot after the brew cycle.

Thermals and Airpots 

  • These brewers do not have warming plates, instead brewing directly into insulated carafes and pots with pump lever or push buttons. 

Urns and Large Volume Brewers

  • These typically brew up to 10 gallons, perfect for larger offices and institutions.

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Ground coffee assortment.
Large volume brewing options.

Brands and Breakroom

Beyond our own Cool Beans® brand, Crystal Rock can bring other coffees to your office. Choose from the leading coffee brands with an assortment of blends and types.

Once you order the best coffee from us, you’ll need to pair it with great breakroom accessories like creamers, sugars, stirrers and cups.