Cool Beans Pods

What's a Pod?

Pods are an individually wrapped, single serve coffee delivery system. The ground coffee is inserted into the pod's high quality packaging in an environment than is below 1% oxygen, preserving the coffee's freshness. With each pod you get fresh coffee smell and real coffee taste!

Cool Beans® pods are wrapped entirely in paper, making them 100% compostable and environmental friendly. Since there is no plastic involved, no toxins are present during brewing and only coffee is used for the brewing process.

Additionally, all of our Cool Beans® pods are roasted and packaged locally in Hartford, CT. This means we're using less fuel and producing less greenhouse gases while transporting these delicious coffees to you. Additionally, all Cool Beans® pods are certified Kosher.


Cool Beans Frac Packs

If you're looking to deliver Cool Beans® to a large group setting like an office and single-serve just isn't efficient enough, think about frac packs. Frac packs are pre-measured bags of coffee for use in large volume brewers that will keep your troops energized all day long.

We offer our top-selling flavors in a number of measurements, letting you determine the best fit for your office needs. As always, we brew and package our Cool Beans® in Hartford, CT ensuring freshness and optimal flavor within our regional footprint.


Cool Beans Breakroom Accessories

When you're outfitting your breakroom with some delicious Cool Beans® coffee, don't forget to pick up some Cool Beans® creamers, sweeteners and cups. 

By pairing our coffee with Cool Beans® breakroom accessories, you're giving your staff all they need to prepare a perfect cup of coffee.