Gallons and Coolers


Tabletop Station


  • Rests comfortably in a small space
  • Fits three gallon bottles


  • 10"W x 16"D x 28"H

Standard Gallon Cooler


  • Comes in white or black
  • Can be fitted with a cup dispenser and hot water safety faucet


  • 12.4" W x 12.8" D x 37.8" H

Oasis Bottom Loading Cooler


  • Bottom loading cooler ensures maximum ease of use
  • Larger dispensing area
  • Tri-Temp: Hot, Cook and Cold
  • Energy Star certified


  • 12.25" W x 13.0" D x 41" H

Appliance Dispensing Systems

Crystal Rock can help equip your kitchen or break room with a water dispensing system for easy access to premium filtered water. There are two primary options:

Bottled Water Jet System Plus

Filtered System

- Installation of jet system to appliances

- Select from a variety of premium faucet styles

- As a sign up bonus, get your first three bottles of
5-gallon Crystal Rock Premium Water on us

- Installation to your existing water line

- 12-month water filter

- Purchase includes a standard gooseneck faucet