Identity System

Have brand experts that go beyond the look of your logo, and give you an identity that worx strategically.

While your logo is not your entire brand, it is a key component to creating the impressions you want your audiences to have. Unlike many advertising, marketing and graphic design agencies, WORX will develop your brand identity to be more than just a logo design. This philosophy of strategy first and design second has driven the WORX branding team to create some of the most recognizable logos in Connecticut and beyond. For your brand, WORX will create a logo mark that serves your strategic business goals – an identity that aligns to an overall brand platform, and provides a central visual that invigorates your employees and customers alike. Oh, and yes, the logo will also look amazing. :-)


  • Logo Concepts
  • Logo Design
  • Logo Development
  • Corporate Identity
  • Consumer Identity
  • Logo Application Studies

Short films on WORX perspectives by the WORXers themselves.

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