Guerrilla Marketing

If you've ever thought there's a finite amount of marketing tactics, may we remind you of the elephant – I mean, the guerrilla – in the room.

Guerrilla and grassroots marketing is a forgotten component of the effective communications plan. With all the sophisticated technology and analytics and measurement tools and metrics that can be utilized, your marketing can fall prey to a cookie cutter approach. Whether it's branding, digital or marketing, all three are visceral and viral when they're done right. WORX can develop non traditional marketing as a companion to your standard tactics, or as an alternate way to do all of your marketing. It's not "wild" or "renegade," and it does – to use the phrase every advertising agency uses – cut through the clutter.

guerrilla marketing SERVICES INCLUDE:

  • Grassroots Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Non Traditional Marketing
  • Low Cost Marketing
  • Unconventional Promotions

Short films on WORX perspectives by the WORXers themselves.

  • Heavy Lifting

  • Prospect

  • "We"