Employee Communications

Employees see through executive and director talk. So what do you really need to say?

With all that needs to be communicated on a regular basis to your employees, employee communications are pivotal. Plus, companies with highly effective internal communications programs enjoy more employee continuity and more valuable brands. As a branding, digital & marketing agency, WORX helps executives, directors and company leaders both craft and deliver salient business messages to their teams. More specifically, WORX develops employee communications through the eyes of the employee – a colleague who wants to know what the new thing is, the reasons for any change, and why it matters to them personally.

employee communications SERVICES INCLUDE:

  • Brand Positioning Presentations
  • Sales & Marketing Team Product Launching
  • Email Marketing Programs
  • Employee Training Documents
  • Train the Trainer Tools

Short films on WORX perspectives by the WORXers themselves.

  • Heavy Lifting

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  • "We"